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Benefits of Treasury Management

Benefits of Working with Treasury Management

At Rockland Trust, our Treasury Management team has advanced financial tools at their
disposal to help you improve cash flow, maximize investments, lower costs, and better control your
company’s funds.

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Investment Sweeps

Maximizes the value of your business checking account balances by automatically investing excess funds overnight while still allowing for the movement of funds back to the checking account to cover presented payments.

Investment Sweep options: 
  • Interest Checking Sweep
  • Insured Cash Sweep (ICS®)*

  • Competitive yields
  • Earn interest on idle cash
  • ICS® is 100% insured by FDIC

Loan Sweep

Excess funds over a designated target balance in a checking account to be used to pay down short-term borrowings on a line of credit. If the funds in the checking account will be less than the target balance, there will be a draw-down on the line of credit availability to pay the presented payable.

  • Minimizes interest expense on your line of credit and overdraft fees
  • Automated process 

Zero Balance Account

A business checking account that allows customers to consolidate balances from multiple sub-accounts into a single master account.  A Zero Balance Account enables a company to segregate the collection and disbursement of cash.

  • Eliminates daily monitoring of various accounts and the necessity of making repeated transfers between accounts
  • Gives you the option of establishing accounts solely for accounting or general ledger reporting
*Placement of funds through the IntraFi® Network DepositsSM or ICS services are subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures in the service agreements, including the Deposit Placement Agreement (“DPA”). Limits apply. CDARS, ICS, and Insured Cash Sweep are a registered service mark of IntraFi® Network DepositsSM.

ACH Services¹

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services enable you to send and receive money electronically on predetermined dates. You may use the ACH system to process electronic withdrawals from customers as well as make deposits to employee or vendor accounts.


  • Reduce costs and inefficiencies of producing checks
  • Manage receivables and payables more efficiently
  • Simplifies payroll reconcilements
  • Accessible through Rockland Trust’s online banking which makes it simple to create templates, upload files and process each ACH batch.  

Remote Deposit

  • With Remote Deposit, you can make deposits electronically from your office computer. Plus, you get the convenience of making same-day deposits up to 7:00 p.m.²
  • How Remote Deposit works:
    • Scan the checks with the special scanner we provide
    • The scanner produces images of both sides
    • Transmit the images to Rockland Trust using secure software we provide
    • The bank creates an image replacement document. This document goes through normal check processing and the funds are deposited into your account
Mobile Banking
You have 24/7/365 access to your bank accounts to pay bills, transfer money, check account balances, even deposit a check whenever you wish. 
  • Make mobile deposits using your Apple or Android device
  • With the Apple Watch app you can view up to 10 accounts and those account balances as well as the 10 most recent transactions on each account
  • Pay with a wave, using your mobile wallet
If you have any questions regarding mobile and online banking click here

Business Bill Pay

Allows you to pay virtually any person or company through online or mobile banking. No more hassle of writing a check. 
  • Can pay from multiple entities
  • Added security for dual control
  • Fast and convenient
  • Keep track of finances
Wire Transfer
Securely transfer funds from anywhere in the world with online banking.
  • Ability to transfer funds internationally to over 70 countries
  • Ability to transfer funds domestically
Business Online Banking Enrollment
1. Certain account requirements apply. Subject to approval.
2. Check deposits made by 7 p.m. will be available on the next business day. Exceptions may apply. See account agreement for details.
 Learn About Apple Watch

Safeguarding from fraudulent attacks doesn’t have to be a full time job – at least not for you. At Rockland Trust, we are vigilant in educating our colleagues, customers and communities on the best practices for fraud prevention.

Positive Pay

Safeguards against fraudulent check and unauthorized ACH transactions

For Check Transactions:
  • Using online banking, upload your latest issued check file; we then compare checks presented for payment
  • If any item such as check number or dollar amount does not match, the check is flagged for your review
  • We are able to custom map to your file format

For Incoming ACH Transactions:
  • Create rules to automatically authorize your approved ACH vendors
  • Set dollar limits for each of your approved ACH vendors
  • Review ACH transactions prior to authorization

  • Automated email and/or SMS messages to notify you when exception items are presented
  • View check images of exception items
  • Online exception management enables you to pay/return decisions via the web or mobile

Fraud Prevention Check List

Need a list to help you protect yourself and your business from fraud? Our Treasury Management team compiled a go-to list; highlighting all the things you need to know to protect yourself.

Account Reconciliation Services

Provides you with a detailed statement that includes checks paid, checks outstanding, stops, debits, and credits. Your reconcilement statement can be prepared at any time through Rockland Trust’s Online Banking system.


  • Consolidated statement of outstanding checks
  • Ability to reconcile deposits from various locations
  • Processing schedules to meet your needs
  • Accessible through Rockland Trust’s Online Banking
Monitoring Accounts
  • EDI File Formats
  • BAI File Formats
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Deposit Reconciliation

Account Administration

  • Deposit Account Control Agreement (DACA)
  • Concentration Accounts
  • Disbursement Accounts
  • Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Escrow Accounts
  • 1031 Exchange

Lockbox Services

Turn receivables into working cash by having remittance payments sent directly to a post office box where Rockland Trust representatives pick up and process the items daily
Lockbox Services Options:
  • Wholesale Lockbox: for Business to Business (B2B)
  • Retail Lockbox: for Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • A daily report is transmitted to you via email. You may also download a data file to import into your accounting software
  • Outsourcing your receivable process can decrease the potential for theft, fraud and error
  • Improve staff productivity by automating a manual process
  • Increase speed remittances and improve your overall cash flow

Remote Deposits 1

Depositing checks from your business, enables you to improve cash flow and receive information quickly.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) 2

Receive payments faster by automatically collecting payments in a secure, fast and convenient way to manage your receivables.

Merchant Processing 3

Streamline your transaction experience, from point of sale to reconciliation. Giving your company a true competitive advantage. 

Now introducing the Rockland Trust One Card

Our new commercial purchasing card consolidates your corporate purchases into one streamlined payment solution – saving your business valuable time and resources.
Learn More
1. Check deposits made by 7 p.m. will be available on the next business day. Exceptions may apply. See account agreement for details.
2. Certain account requirements apply. Subject to approval.
3. Merchant services subject to approval. 
4. Credit review and subject to approval.

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