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Fixed-Rate Mortgages

The most popular mortgage on the market.

Budget with certainty when you lock in your rate. Your principal and interest payments won't change, and you can choose among various terms. This mortgage is the most popular among homeowners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and is available for government programs, unconventional mortgages and construction loans.

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A longer repayment term generally carries a higher interest rate and slows the pace at which you build equity during the loan's early years (when a higher percentage of your payments go toward interest). On the other hand, those interest payments can result in significant tax write-offs and your monthly P&I payments are lower. 

For assistance in determining which option is right for you, please speak with one of our loan officers today.
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A shorter repayment term usually gives you a lower interest rate and allows you to build equity in your home faster. Keep in mind, however, that your monthly principal and interest (P&I) payments are higher.
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