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Equipment Leasing

Discover the benefits compared to buying.

Our business lending experts help you leverage equipment leasing options that can provide distinct financial benefits you won't get from buying equipment.

Let's discuss the benefits of leasing. 


Leasing can move your business forward

If you're in the habit of buying your equipment, consider leasing as a beneficial alternative.

  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize tax liability¹
  • Manage expenses with predictable payments
  • Lock in favorable pricing and avoid rising costs
  • Avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax with operating leases
  • Capital leases let you keep depreciation benefits usually associated with ownership
  • All you need to do is select the equipment you need and negotiate the best price with any supplier nationwide. Then contact us and we'll handle the rest.
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initial cost
Minimal up-front cost with no down payment requirement. Plus, 100% financing is available²
Conserve capital for expansion or other business opportunities; helps overcome budget limitations.
Rather than pay the entire cost of the item, you pay a portion of the total cost and only for as long as the item is useful to your business Reduce costs by spending less for the same equipment.
Choose from
multiple end-
of-lease options
You may purchase the equipment at a fair market value or a preset price; extend lease; or return the equipment
Decide the most advantageous option for your business
Make upgrades
Upgrade as technology changes or improves, or your equipment needs change Gain access to better equipment, faster.  Reduce risk of obsolescence; economical way to stay competitive.
Save on
Select new or refurbished equipment Save money with reliable, low-maintenance equipment, which means less downtime and greater efficiency.
Manage soft
Soft costs such as freight, installation, training, and taxes can be rolled into the lease reduce up-front costs.

Leasing is an option for any equipment you can buy, because it's just another way to finance your capital equipment needs.

This type of equipment is commonly leased:

  • Construction: Bulldozers, cranes, compactors, excavators
  • Energy: Backup generators, HVAC, lighting retrofit, security systems
  • Industrial and Manufacturing: Production, injection, textile machines
  • Material Handling Equipment: Forklifts, conveyors, platform lifts
  • Medical Equipment: CTs, dental and optical equipment, heart monitors, X-ray
  • Office Equipment: Furniture, telecommunications, labeling, postage
  • Printing and Publishing: Cutters, presses, binders
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How to get started

Discuss your capital equipment needs and preferred financing structure with your Rockland Trust Commercial Banker or call 844.385.3273 toll free to speak with a Rockland Trust Commercial Leasing professional. 

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1. See your tax advisor. Rockland Trust Commercial Leasing does not provide tax advice.
2. Subject to credit approval. Some lease applications may require further consideration and additional information may be requested.